July 24, 2017

Как будут обстоять наши социо-экономико-технологические дела через 80 лет? Чуваки из Blast Theory* провели опрос школьников, экспертов, докторов наук и футуристов в двух продвинутых городах Дании и Англии, Аргусе и Холле. Получилась серия видосов, от которых хочется плакать, смеяться, прыгать и брыкаться.

2097: We Made Ourselves Over springs from a desire to explore our capacity for self-determination and resilience in this context; to ask questions about the respective roles of technology, utopia and our own imaginations in setting a course for the future. Over the coming year, we hope to raise some difficult questions about the challenges we face and, with your help, uncover some exciting and unexpected answers.

*Blast Theory is a Brighton, UK-based group of interactive artists that explores the social and political aspects of technology.


И чтобы вам совсем стало грустно:

Майкрософт убъет Кенни в десятом сезоне Windows. Зима ((


Microsoft Paint and other apps are going to be discontinued by Windows 10’s Next Update

Microsoft is dropping various features and functionalities from its new build. In preparation for the release of the Fall Creators Update, Microsoft has published the full list of stories that will be removed or depreciated from the new build. Removed features 3D Builder app No continued installed by default. Consider working with Print 3D and Paint 3D in its home. 3D Builder will still be ready...