May 10, 2018

Notes from yesterday’s AIGA SF’s panel discussion on Voice Assistants, AI and the future of it all (“Lessons Learned: Designing for Voice Assistants") from the leading researchers, designers and product managers at Google, SoundHound and eBay.


+ Voice UIs are just another UIs. They’ve been with us for a long while. What changed is that they became self-learning,

context-aware, and interconntected with other UIs.

+ There is a possibility for voice UIs to facilitate quality conversations among people, as opposed to screens.

+ Talking to VUIs creates way more emotions in people compared to other UIs.

+ There is a potential for sexism due to natural bias of humans towards female voices. However, gender-neutral and robotic options seem to be even more confusing. Hint: you can change wake-word “Alexa" to “Computer" in your settings — that’s the first step.

+ It’s all about figuring out right contexts and being smart about continuing conversations.

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Lessons Learned Designing for Voice Assistants

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