June 12, 2018

“I was just not sure what a ‘feature’ looked like … so I was thumbing through a symbol dictionary and I came across this symbol (⌘). In the back of the book, it said it was for an ‘interesting feature’ at Swedish campgrounds. I thought it was maybe a little abstract, but it worked.

[…] Years later I went to Sweden … it was awesome to be on the ride form the airport and to see the Command key all over the place!

[…] The thing is I always thought it was maybe a little too abstract. It went against my general notion of that things should have some meaning because then there’s a little visual mnemonic to help you remember what it is. Then a few years ago, someone emailed me from Scandinavia and said ‘You know it really isn’t abstract, it’s a castle seen from above and those are the turrets’. I thought it was wonderful that after all these years it really is something concrete!”